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Just visiting

Hi! Nice to meet you! If you're just in town for a couple of days or weeks and don't want to miss out on your favourite hobby, you have several options to join our classes temporarily.
A little bit of admin first, all our classes need to be booked online in advance through our booking system. We can't accept bookings via email. Payment is either online via credit card or bank transfer or you can bring cash to class.

During the weekend, we have a Pole and Hoop Practice session. Pole Practice is every Saturday at 1pm for 90 Minutes and costs 8€. Hoop Practice is every Sunday at 1.45pm for 60 minutes and costs 5€. In these classes you get a full warmup and then can practice for yourself.

To visit one of our group classes, in many cases you're account needs to activated for booking the higher level classes. This is to make sure no first timers end up in higher levels by accident. If you get an error message when trying to book a higher level pole class, please drop us an email at and your account will be activated within 48 hours. You can find some guidance on our level contents in the article below.
Some classes can be booked without being activated. This includes stretching/flexibility/mobility classes as well as conditioning or pole intro classes and hoop beginner classes. Floorwork and Aerial Yoga would be included in this as well, but these classes are currently taking a little break due to the instructor being on maternity leave.
Intermediate classes are currently fully booked, so unfortunately we don't accept any new sign ups here. If you're an advanced student (meaning you're capable of doing aerial inverts for a whole lesson, aerial shoulder mounts and all sorts of ayesha grips (not just twisted)), drop us a line at and you can join that class. This option is just valid for visitors. For regular students, this option is not possible, you always have to join our Intermediate II class for at least one lesson first, so we can see whether you need to brush up on your technique.

Permanent classes

If you've already trained somewhere else for some time, here is how you find the right level for you:

Beginners with no upside down experience can join us anytime. If you've just been to one course or done it for a couple of weeks only, we would kindly ask you to come to our intro classes (= Einführungskurs) first to learn all our important basics, which most certainly will be different from what you have learnt at your previous studio. If you've been training for several months already, drop us a line at so we can activate your account for booking on to beginner's classes straight away.

If you have already inverted on the pole, but still feel you need to work on this a bit more and gain more strength, your choice would be Intro to Invert. After an excessive conditioning session, we practice all sorts of inverts and leg hangs close to the floor with a lot of spotting and guidance. To book, please also contact us at first, so we can activate your account.

If you can already invert beautifully with control and no momentum, as well as have solid leg hangs, a very good spin technique on static pole and have done the butterfly, we would recommend for you to join Intermediate I. In this calss we alreday work towards superman and shoulder mounts as well as inverted combinations up the pole. Unfortunately we're currently fully booked on this level. If this would be the perfect class for you, please join our waiting list below.

Intermediate I Waiting List

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For more advanced pole dancers we recommend Intermediate II. For this class, you have to be able to aerial invert, transfer safely in and out of several leg hang combinations, have a very solid and well aligned butterfly/extended butterfly, as well as being able to shoulder mount. In this class we work towards ayeshas with different grips, complex combinations and trending tricks you might just have spotted on instagram. We currently don't have any open spots in these classes either. To join the waiting list, please click below.

Intermediate II Waiting List

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Our highest level is Advanced. For this class you need to be capable of doing aerial inverts throughout the whole session as well as being able to aerial shouldermount and all sorts of ayesha grip variations (True Grip, Cup Grip, Elbow Grip; we only use Twisted Grip for combinations, that require this grip). We only accept students on this level, who have at least joined our Intermediate II class once, to make sure you're fit for this level. Please put yourself down for the waiting list above.

At VerticalArts we are serious about clean and correct form and alignment. Please use the information above to find your level. If you're unsure if one level is right for you, you might want to start one level lower at first, to see what we're doing. We will always adjust your level according to your needs, no matter which course you joint at first.
If you're an advanced pole dancer, it obviously wouldn't make sense for you to join our beginner's classes, just so that you can touch a pole. We don't accept training at your own level in our regular group classes, as this distracts other students and the instructor. So please be honest with yourself when finding your level.

We're looking forward to meeting you!
The VerticalArts Team